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Elite Sports considers health as its top priority, we make sure to enroll our staff in regular first aid training.

Basic protection

  • Attendance at site
  • Providing the health and safety rules to the members
  • Providing the help
  • Monitoring members activities

Gym rules and regulation

The strict rule and regulations o elite sports in managing the gym’s are avoiding to use the facilities without the presence of the trainer to prevent members injuries of the assists damage.


Management system includes the light follows up and inspection to make sure the lights are working properly all the time at the facility.

Request of maintenance

In case of any damage in the lights, the communication will be send to the concerned company to fix it shortly.

Regular monitoring

As part of Elite Spots management system, regular monitoring is including formats that are designed to monitor the daily operation in the required standards.


the unexpected inspections are considered as mutual step with the regular monitoring to assure the required standards of performance.

Monthly reports

Including all the operations going on a daily in our weeks a month, those provide a comprehensive data base for each facility.

Flooring – daily Cleaning

Deep cleaning sanitizing (every 15 days) this process fulfils the high standards of projection against the bacteria that cause the bad smell. deep cleaning keep the floor long lasting providing the best base for the safe workout.

Equipment cleaning – Cleaning materials
These materials fulfill the following aims:

  • Cleanliness
  • Sanitizing
  • Long lasting

These materials are odorless, colorless and anti bacteria.

Air fresheners
Automatic air fresheners we choose the best quality that cleans the atmosphere and kill bacteria which cause bad smell.

Air revitalizes machines that distributed in the facility according to the space giving the outstanding atmosphere of work out with the natural selected fragrance.

Regular maintenance

Being done under supervision of gym supervisor according to the service contracts with the a/c company serving the facility considering the maintenance to be out o the gym working hours.

22-23 is the best temperature in the gym, the supervisor assures of keeping the temperature to be the same even out of working hours to avoid the rubber flooring damage.





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