Elite Sports deals in all sports-related needs, providing trained administration and staff such as coaches, instructors, lifeguards, receptionists, and cleaning staff. By providing the entire team, Elite Sports can guarantee efficiency and teamwork among each member. This leads to facilities and clients that are happier and healthier.
Beyond providing staff, Elite Sports provides all gym and fitness equipment if necessary. We aim for quality in every facility with operate in, so you can expect the best machines with the best maintenance crew.
When it comes to swimming, Elite Sports goes above and beyond. We not only provide lifeguards and swim coaches, but also water treatment services and maintenance staff to ensure quality among the facility and its users.
From single facilities to school programs, Elite Sports covers all aspects of sports-related service. Please contact us for information about how we can offer you the highest quality service at a competitive rate.


The mission of Elite Sports is to establish, manage, and maintain any sports facility or program. This includes providing the highest quality staff and equipment, because we believe health and fitness should be available to all.


Our vision at Elite Sports is to promote healthy lifestyles and leadership qualities to everyone in the UAE. By providing every sports-related service, we are making this vision a reality.

Supervision and Management

Staff provided by Elite Sports is highly trained in their field, whether it’s coaching or cleaning. Our facilities and any facility that we provide service for is distinguishable from the competition because of our advanced level of care.


Quality Policy

Our administration strives for exceptional teamwork. A high-quality facility can only be run by high quality staff, with teamwork at the core.

Safety Policy

Every employee undergoes rigorous training for safety measures in their field before their assumption of duty.
Our administration ensures each facility is environmentally and technically safe. This applies to the facility, equipment, staff, and products so we can prevent injury and health risks to your customers.
Our staff members undertake a personal responsibility and effort to ensure the safety of everyone in the vicinity. We monitor the effectiveness of this safety policy, display the policy publicly, and review it bi-annually to guarantee the latest safety techniques are applied.

Our Team

With teamwork at our core, each of our personnel works well with one another and with your own staff to ensure a safe, pleasant experience throughout your facility.

Contract Operations

We supply an increasing number of facilities with our services across all of the UAE. The following is an up-to-date list of these facilities.

Executive Summary

Highly Trained, Certified Employees Guaranteed

Elite Sports provides highly trained employee contracting, equipment, and services to sports facilities across the UAE.
Currently, we have over 80 employees working as swim coaches, fitness instructors, receptionists, cleaning staff, and various other roles within sports facilities.
We also provide staffing and services to clients without a designated facility, such as summer camps and school sports programs.

Expansion at the Heart of Our Company

We seek to provide services to all sports-related programs and facilities in the UAE, from staffing and equipment to planning and execution.