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Elite sports contracting & services have been operating successfully in the United Arab Emirates since 2005. We, as a company, deal with all kinds of sports services, sport contracts and sports consultants where we emphasize efficiency and high quality work.

Elite sports contracting & services is a company that Provides high quality sports services to its clients. We provide our clients with qualified sports and administrative teams to suits our clients’ immediate and long term requirements.
The company staff includes a core group of qualified and trained skilled personnel as gym instructors, life guards, swimming coaches, receptionists and cleaners all supported by accounting and cost control systems.
We also provide all kinds of Gym equipments for the newly established clubs, plus we give all the support needed to choose the best quality.
We offer cleaning services for the swimming pools (Water Treatment). In addition to, maintaining the swimming pool equipments, to ensure that the customers will use the facility with lots of comforts and ease.
All the sports events and matches and school programs are included in our scope of work. So please don’t hesitate to contact us and be sure that you will get the best service and the best fares.


Managing and establishing Sports Facilities and providing the necessary Sports equipment, devices and maintenance. In addition to the provision of services and investments in the field of sports and providing the appropriate staff varying from coaches, lifeguards, receptionists and Maintenance and Cleaning personnel.


Leadership and specialty in the sports and healthy development world in the United Arab Emirates.

Supervision and Management

Running sports facilities and managing them efficiently distinguishing us from other companies, in addition to the advanced level that serves the sports environment through the implementation of up to date technologies, suitable planning and proper follow – ups for each plan advised. This will be achieved by employing proper and excelling personnel that can be counted on to meet all the work requirements and needs.

Our Staff-Management Relationship

Elite watches over its clients and considers them the top job priority and strives to build relationships with them, in addition to providing high quality services to ensure their safety, and loyalty towards our services.
Elite also wants to reach the excellent sports level and taking care of our clients health and listening to their opinions and suggestions and taking them into consideration in an immediate manner.


Elite works in an excellent way to ensure maintaining the facilities to their best standard and keeping it that way. This helps in attracting its customers and obtaining loyalty through maintaining a clean, efficient, and effective environment.

Providing consulting services and applying them

Elite provides consulting options where question would be answered regarding how to operate, and if needed – to actually operate sports clubs from the bottom structure, decor, providing the necessary equipment, quotations and a complete study to satisfy all the client’s needs. (Pools, Courts, Gym, Tennis, Spa ,Jacuzzi, Massage, Sauna, Steam room)

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