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You have the option to leave managing your health club entirely by our expert staff, or by combining our services with what you already offer. We are here to help and happy to meet your management needs.

A comprehensive evaluation for the members’ fitness level including:

  • Fitness level
  • Body composition
  • Fat percentage
  • Cardio endurance

Allocating the proper training program for every member:

  • Current fitness level
  • Objectives
  • Personal training schedule
  • Group classes schedule
  • Training objectives
  • Proper training program
  • Objective’s time frame

According to this formula, the personnel training program of every member will be designed to achieve his/her objective within the time frame.

An inspection and evaluation process to measure the fitness improvement of the member after the training program, includes:

  • Fat percentage
  • Body composition
  • Weight
  • Fitness level
  • Cardio endurance

Developing the training programs according to the comparison between the current level and the recommended one including:

  • Increasing training level
  • Increasing training strength
  • Increasing training days
  • Practicing other activities

Investing the daily working hours at the gym for giving the maximum result:

  • Design the proper daily program.
  • Arranging group classes for the members having mutual objectives.
  • Planning the reciprocal training.
  • Minimizing the members’ crowding by suggesting them the best timing.

The elite service of the personal objectives includes:

  • Designing Training Programs
  • Nutrition’s advices
  • Special fitness programs
  • Re-habitation and Physiotherapy program

A group of Communication channels:

  • Direct contacting
  • SMS & e-mail
  • Group classes time organizing
  • Assessment and consultancy time organizing
  • Development of training programs


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